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The smartest homeowners own homes built with Logix ICFs

Hollow foam blocks filled with concrete. That's the simplicity of North America's ultimate building system for below-grade and above-grade walls. No other wall system combines energy efficiency and durability like the ICF. And no other ICF offers the insulating foam thickness, selection and support of Logix. 

Start thinking with Logix.


Think with Logix

Want to build a home with the latest construction technology?

Build with the leading insulated concrete form and enjoy a greater quality of life – inside and out. 

Look inside

  Energy Efficiency   Disaster Resistance   Health & Comfort   Peace of Mind

Think with Logix

Think smart from the start

And think of all the money you’ll save. Although the up-front cost of a Logix home may be slightly higher than a traditional wood-frame home, the actual "overall living" cost can often be lower.

Think about long term savings

Chill with LogixChill.

With Logix® XtraComfort,® it’s all safe and sound.

Your home, your family, your wealth and all your prized possessions...

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Basements and Foundations  

Unlike traditional walls, LOGIX® ICF can prevent costly heat loss and significantly lower your energy bills.
Introducing LOGIX® ICF, a wall system with the unbeatable strength of concrete and insulating properties of foam. LOGIX® uses 2-3/4" thick foam exclusively in all form sizes. Other ICF brands use a variety of foam thicknesses from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2". LOGIX® ICF gives you an outstanding wall system that's long-lasting, quick to build, sound-proofed, energy-efficient and has a 3-hour fire resistance rating.
LOGIX® ICF forms allow you to finish the exterior walls without stud framing. Drywall attaches directly to the form.

Logix XtraComfort™ Homes

Logix 50% lower energy costs Lipka

Think unrivalled performance while meeting your family's need for greater safety, comfort and energy efficiency – today and tomorrow.

Today's super-efficient LOGIX XtraComfort Homes routinely cut energy bills in half and can achieve incredible HERS scores of 40, which means they are outperforming existing building codes by 60%.


Logix XtraComfort™ Basements


Think exceptional comfort – and experience the difference your Logix XtraComfort™ Basement makes. With Logix's incredible insulating properties, your basement will feel like another main level in your home.

Increase your living space today. Tomorrow will thank you for it.


Net-Zero Ready Homes

Lipka Logix net zero

Think tomorrow, today. Combined with cost-effective renewable energy generation technology, Logix makes it easy for you build a net-zero home that sells energy back to the grid instead of buying it.

The next wave of green buildings will be net-zero. Ride that wave now when you build with Logix ICFs.


See this Logix® project in construction


Logix project

Logix project


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